Beaudesert Magazine Archives


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I was fascinated to hear of the massive effort put in to digitise the School Magazine from their inception in the 1900’s. The task is ongoing but I have dipped into a few years to get a flavour of years gone by and have not been disappointed. You will not fail to be moved by those magazines produced during the First World War starting in 1915/16 with positive letters from the Front and the enormous pride from the School to have our Old Boys giving it to the enemy. Many of those authors names are now recorded on our Roll Of Honour ‘Beaudesert Park For King and Country’. On a lighter note I was fascinated to learn that in 1965 the Natural History Society found that entomologically, that year was a year where no new species were discovered in the grounds, incredibly, this had only happened twice before.

 This a great project and all those involved should be applauded for making these fascinating glimpses into history available to all.

Andrew Hale

Estate Manager

Beaudesert Park School