Beaudesert Park School Moodle

Geography Resources and Courses.

This is the Year 5 moodle interactive website. It is designed to accompany and enrich the work done in class and enable you to access course information anywhere there is an internet connection.

It will contain all course materials, internet links, videos, quizzes etc... For more information please see Mr Porter.

This is the Year 6 moodle interactive learning platform. This will contain the geography workbooks and powerpoints allowing you to recap or catch up on the content of lessons. It will also contain extra resources including web links, videos, current news articles and forums. This will allow pupils to enrich their learning and enjoyment during geography lesson inside and out of the classroom.

This is the moodle support interactive learning platform for Year 7. It contains details of all the course content as well as interactive learning materials such as quizzes, games and other educational content designed to extend both achievement and interest in the subject.

This is the interactive moodle learning platform for Year 8 pupils. This will contain the ongoing workbook used in the lessons as well as any associated materials. This may include web links, videos, forums and any related news articles.

This will allow participants to enrich their learning and by interaction to help others do the same. 

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